Learn the swedish language and experience the culture and lifestyle on the sightly island Visingsö.

In cooperation with Braheskolan Visingsö folkhögskola, IS Internationella Skolorna are again offering the  Swedish on Visingsö  course from April 26 to May 3, 2014, on the wonderful island of Visingsö. A special highlight for 2014: the participants experience Valborg (Walpurgis Night) first-hand in Sweden!

You get to use the knowledge you’ve aquired on-site and by that, bring meaning to keep studyiung.

Visingsö is the largest island in lake Vättern and lies approximately level with Gränna. Established back in 1636 by Per Brahe, the school is located in the midst of the beautiful landscape and old castle ruins. The course includes five hours of lessons per day (Monday to Friday), whereby the focus is on communication and practical exercises. The previous and newly gained knowledge of the language can and should be used directly on-site.


Communication exercises, reading and listening comprehension, discussion exercises, writing and grammar exercises, intercultural communication.

Exciting activities will complement the language lessons, such as participation in the traditional remmalag, which involves exploring the island by horse and carriage, and a boat trip to Gränna, the home of the Swedish polkargrisar.


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All course participants live at Braheskolan, in the middle of Visingsö, in a typical red stuga (single rooms, youth hostel standard). The dining room is located in a beautiful building from the century before last and, in combination with the picturesque landscape, contributes to the high spirits of all participants on Visingsö.

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April 26 to May 3, 2014,

649 EUR / 5.630 SEK.

The price for one week (seven overnight stays) on Visingsö 

This includes 25 hours of language training, accommodation and full board at Braheskolan, trips and activities. Travel to and from Visingsö are not included. A total of 15 places are available, IS Düsseldorf retains the right to cancel the course if insufficient participants are found in order to hold the course.

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The prerequisite for participation is language level A1 of the common European framework of reference for languages.