English for academic studies.

The course is designed for those who wish to improve their English with the objective to pass the TOEFL-test or simply wish to improve their skills in academic English.

The students will practice their writing and reading skills by treating and summarizing a variety of texts and articles. Furthermore, the student will be taught to write articles and theses using the rules of English grammar. Concerning the development of oral skills, the students will discuss different subjects during the lessons and make oral presentations in order to improve the understanding of spoken English and to feel comfortable expressing themselves in front of a group.

At last, with the guidance of the teacher, we will prepare and eventually pass a sample of a TOEFL test.

Helps the student to proceed their journey towards aquiering an academic English and continue their pursuit in an Enligsh speaking country.

Target students

Students who aim to study in English abroad, or want to acquire or improve academic English

Learn English in Barcelona

Learn English in Barcelona

Level of requirements: advanced or intermediate of English

The course aims those who wish to acquire an academic English with the objective to pursuit their studies in an English speaking country.

Learning outcomes

- produce written academic texts and reports

- use English rules of grammar

- read and understand fictional as well as non-fictional texts

- discuss different subjects

- give oral presentations

Learn english for academic studies

Learn english for academic studies

Course components

Reading understanding and Essay writing:
In the context of the course, the students reads a number of articles and texts that will then be briefly summarized by each student and analyzed in discussion groups.


Basic rules of English grammar and their applications

Oral presentation.

The emphasis will be on practical presentation tasks and rhetorical technics.

Furthermore the student will have the opportunity to work through a sample of a TOEFL test (Test of English as Foreign Language) online with guidance.

The course will include both lectures and group works in the classroom. Additionally, a part of the course will be web based, like a distance course, to maximize the effective learning time.

Course material

Vanessa Jakeman & Clare McDowell. 2008. New Insight Insight into IELTS, Student’s book with answers. ISBN: 978-0-521-68089-9

John Peck & Martin Coyle. 2012. The student’s guide to writing. ISBN: 978-0-230-37388

Additional material can be recommended.


Start: English for academic studies.
8/3 - 17/5

Start: English for academic studies.
5/4 - 7/6

Tuesdays 19.00 – 20.45   

10 weeks



Aprox. 40 academic hours (45 minutes each) per course.
-Introduction in English with all the information you may need.
-Problem based learning that helps you to get a good start to your English and exploit all the practical uses.
-Opportunity to have language exchanges with english/swedish speaking students on the school.
-Possibility to borrow films and books.


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